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Seafarer flight booking must be used only by the active crew members either working onboard a seagoing vessel or who are in the process of joining or leaving a vessel whilst on duty. In addition, Staff employed to work on a vessel, but not a registered seaman but who are added to the manifest can also use Marine Airfare.

Seafarer flight booking

Documents will be asked to a seafarer at the time of boarding

  • A valid current seaman’s book or Crew Id.
  • An original and current letter of employment or contract letter from:
    • A cruise line company
    • A cruise line concessionaire (salon, spa, casino, entertainment, etc.)
    • An authorized crewing agency.
  • A letter of appointment issued by the shipowner or the vessel, authorizing an individual to board a vessel for the purpose of performing services on board (for service engineers and/or contractors).

If anyone fails to carry or not being able to produce seaman documents upon demand by the airline, you may be denied to board the aircraft or you will be required to purchase a replacement ticket at whatever applicable fare exists at that time.

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If you forget to carry a printout of your E-Ticket, you will need to go to the concerned airline counter at the airport and request for an E-Ticket copy by providing the PNR number of your reservation. You can find the PNR Number printed on your ticket. If you find it difficult to trace, kindly contact our team to help you.

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Seafarer Flight Booking