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Seaman visa service is administrative entry restrictions imposed by the countries for the pilot or a member of the seaman during a transit. The seaman visas are associated with the request for permission to enter a country for a short duration and perform the predefined duties in the given areas, distinct from actual formal permission for an alien to enter and remain in the country. The validity of transit visas for seaman members is usually limited by short terms such as several hours to 10 days depending on the size of the country and the circumstances. The visa policy for seaman members is set by the country and applies to during the transit or to join the vessel. It is illegal for the seaman members to perform repairs or similar work without work permits in port, or traveling in the waters. By law, only a few countries that offer a visa waiver program or do not issue a seaman visa, but allow their entry for a limited time with mandatory clearance documents. Most of the countries permit crew members to travel within the Common Travel Area by carrying a passport or a national identity card.

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seamen visa serviceA Seaman visa application in advance of arrival gives non-citizens clearance to enter a country and to remain there within specified constraints and region without a prohibition against employment. They are required to enter into or exit from the country with the aircraft (train and ship) they work for. Many countries require seaman to obtain relevant seaman visas and they often carry a second passport that allows one to be submitted for visas while other passports as a backup ready in case of a short-notice trip. The flight seaman can obtain visas directly from an embassy, however, it takes longer, the companies have a 3rd-party provider and applies for multi-entry visas whenever possible. Pilots, seamen, air hostesses, flight attendants, stewards, or employees on board a ship whose services is required for normal operation.

Visa requirement

The Embassy of India does not issue a seaman visa directly, however, it is issued by Indian missions and posts. Pilots and seaman members are required to needing prior clearance from authorities in India which includes, landing permit issued by the DGCA, ICAO issued by the FAA, Certificate of Incorporation of the airline or cargo operator, Letter of Invitation, business letter and address proof. A landing permit facility, up to a maximum of 72 hours, can be given to a foreigner who enters India by Air or Sea, without a valid visa, under emergent condition connected with or relevant to an event or action.

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