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We are also able to provide an extensive choice of offshore travel fares for the crew working within the offshore and energy travel Worldwide.

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With the enormous experience, we have an in-depth knowledge & understanding about off-shore & marine travel industries with an unparalleled vision for success.

Offshore fares have the flexibility to make date changes and refunds, ensuring a smooth journey when plans can change suddenly. Our team providing a continual travel service for all employed in the offshore and energy sectors.

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With our wide range of products, we are empowered to solve problems swiftly. Our staff is an expert in using the latest technology and travel tools such as Amadeus & Galileo. This enables our clients to check last minute availability and schedules on a global basis while meeting a client’s budgetary expectations.

We work with the following sectors:

  • Offshore workers
  • Oil and Gas
  • MICE travel
  • Leisure tour
  • Forex
  • Travel insurance

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Please ensure you travel with the correct documentation to present to the airline at check-in as proof of entitlement to travel on a marine fare. Please click here for Marine travel.

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