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How to Prepare Yourself for a Solo Trip

Stray from your daily commute

Everyone has a fixed route they take every day to work, and back home. Everything is counted and calculated. Try to get off the bus (or other public transport that you use) a couple of stops before your usual stop, and walk home for the remaining distance. This will not only give a chance to take a glimpse of your wider neighborhood, which you might have missed exploring all these years, but you will also get an idea about how much you can comfortably cover on foot.

Explore a nearby city for a day

Weekends are your days off, offering you the time to relax, chill out with friends, watch movies, spend time with family; all understood! But why not take a short trip one coming the weekend, and travel to a nearby city to spend a day alone. Give yourself time to explore the city, observe the people there, get to know the streets, and do whatever else you think you need to know about that place, focusing especially on the things you never bothered to learn about earlier.

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Go on a local day hike

If your trip destination is into the hills, this is one of the best ways to kick-start your preparations. Take a day off from your routine, get your backpack ready (snack, water bottles, medication box, etc.), and leave for the nearest hill for a day’s hike. This will serve as a kind of simulation training.

Do a lone activity

Eating out all by yourself can get really sad for some, that’s understood! But since you will be heading for a solo trip, you may have to face this situation during your trip. Go out and indulge in one or other of the activities that you generally do with friends or family. Watch a movie in the theatre, have a fine gourmet meal, attend a fair; get used to doing things without someone accompanying you.

Try approaching random people

So you approached the girl or guy you were infatuated with, and things turned out…. well, let’s say, not so good! Don’t let your college experiences haunt you for your entire life. Try to approach people to see if you can initiate some conversation. Now, asking the direction for the nearest restaurant isn’t going to offend anyone, would it?

Try the share and care routine

 While on your journey, there will be times when you will have to share the space with other travelers. So if you have been in the habit of having your own room, own bed, own shower; well, that’s going to go for a toss here. Make a stay over at one of your friends’ places and see how you take the sharing concept. Get used to it!

Know everything about the destination

Just dropping at the decided destination without doing a thorough study about the place is always a bad idea, especially when you are traveling alone. It is always beneficial to know a thing or two about the city or the country you are planning to take a trip to. This will help you filter the spots you would want to see, once you are there, and will save time.

Pack according to your needs

While on a trip, always try to travel as light as possible. Your backpack must only have the essentials you are likely to need during your sojourn. Medical supplies, food, and other general stuff are usually easily available in any city you visit; if you are traveling into the wilderness of forests or mountains, then you’ll need to be more careful and carry more with you. A little bit of research about the destination, thus, comes in handy for this purpose too.

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How to Plan a Family Vacation

Taking a vacation can do wonders for you and your family. In addition to giving you a much-needed break from the demands of work (and even improving your health), a vacation can be a special chance for the members of your family to bond together. Taking a vacation can give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your children while also letting them see a new part of the world.

List your interests as a family

What kinds of activities do the members of your family enjoy doing as a group? Do you enjoy going on hikes together, swimming, or Overseas Travel? Listing some of these on a piece of paper will help you narrow down a list of potential places.Here are some common types of places to plan a vacation: A beach. The beach has a number of obvious attractions for families. Playing in the sand and rolling waves will provide hours of entertainment for your kids while you will be able to enjoy lying in the sun with a great book. A lake. If you are in a more landlocked location, a lake can also provide an excellent water destination for your family. You can teach your children how to use a canoe or kayak while also enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake.

The mountains. If your family loves to hike and learn more about nature, a vacation in the mountains can be a wonderful opportunity to grow closer to a family.A city. If you want to experience museums, inspiring architecture, and new restaurants, then a city can be an excellent vacation destination.A cruise. A cruise can also be a great option, especially for families, since many cruises provide shows and group activities for kids.An amusement or water park. These will be a big hit with your kids, but you should make sure you will have things to do that will interest you as well.

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Define your budget

Often your budget will determine how you will pick your destination. A beach vacation in the U.S. can often be more affordable than a beach vacation in another country. Some things that you will need to budget for include: Transportation costs (airplane ticket booking, train ticket booking, or gas money). Be sure you factor in the price of a ticket for each member of your family. If you plan to rent a car or take taxis once you arrive, you should count this in as well. Accommodation. Hotels are a common option, but if you have a larger family, you might want to consider renting a house, condo or cabin.Food. You will probably have to account for the cost of eating out in a restaurant, but staying in a place with a kitchen will help you save money here. Entertainment. If you plan to attend amusement parks, shows, concerts, or museums, you will have to budget the cost of these tickets for your family.

Plan for potential dates

Summer is a popular time for a family vacation due to school schedules, but it is not the only option. Spring break and winter vacation are also good times to plan a vacation.Generally, the cheapest time of year to travel is in the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas (the two most expensive holiday travel dates). But this can be a tricky time of year for your kids, especially if they are in high school and have final exams or end-of-year activities like holiday concerts. Make sure you clear your schedule with your children’s academic calendar if you plan to travel in this period.Travel to popular destinations is cheaper when the conditions are a little less than ideal. Most places in the northern hemisphere will be most expensive during the summer. You will generally find better deals to travel to Europe in the fall or the ski slopes in the late spring because these are not the ideal times of the year to visit these places.If you plan to take your children out in the middle of the school year, be sure to plan ahead. Talk to your children’s teachers as far ahead of time as possible so your child can complete their work ahead of time.Do not plan to take your child out during a time when they have to take standardized tests. These can be very hard to reschedule for your children.

Purchase airline tickets

If you are planning on purchasing plane tickets, be sure to buy them well in advance to get the best fares. You should aim to purchase them roughly 6-8 weeks before you plan to leave. Remember that kids under two years old can fly for free, but you will have to hold them in your lap for the entire flight. Comparing prices will ensure that you find the best deal at the best time. Southwest often has competitive prices, so you can check their website for daily deals as well.Tuesday and Wednesday are generally the cheapest days to fly whereas Friday and Sunday are the most expensive. Keep in mind airline limits on luggage; most airlines limit your luggage to two checked pieces of luggage and one carry on bag per person. Encourage your children to pack lightly; the last thing you want to worry about it cumbersome luggage.

Book your accommodation

You should scout around and compare prices at different hotels. You can also find rental homes and condos on websites like VRBO, Home Away, and Airbnb. Consider various factors in your accommodation. Is it in a central location where you can walk to different things or will you need to rent a car or take a cab? Does it have a kitchen where you can prepare meals?Check the reviews for your accommodation online. Does the hotel appear to be clean and safe?You might also include booking a reservation at an all-inclusive resort. These places will generally provide all your meals and drinks in the price of your accommodation so you won’t have to leave the resort.

Build memories with your family

Ask your kids to collect memorable items from your trip such as ticket stubs, candy wrappers from their favorite sweet shop, seashells, even a little jar of dirt or sand from your favorite beach.

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How to Pack for a Winter Trip

Packing for a winter trip can be daunting as you’ll need to pack lots of heavy items for protection against the cold. However, you can save some space by packing with the plan to layer your clothing. Multiple layers of lighter clothing and a somewhat light jacket can provide as much warmth as big, bulky items. You should also make sure to pack the right accessories, such as hats, to stay warm. When packing your suitcase, do so effectively. Pack to save space and have easy access to your items when you arrive at your destination.

Packing Clothing in Layers

Pack your base layers. Instead of packing bulky sweaters and other heavy items, pack with the idea of dressing in layers. To start, pack your base layers. These are actually thin wardrobe items you will put on first when dressing for winter. Go for light short or long-sleeved shirts. Think about what you’ll be wearing over your shirts to help you decide what to pack.If you, say, plan on wearing a button down shirt over a t-shirt, pick a color that goes well with the button-down.Wools and polyesters are good materials for base layers.

Add presentation layer

Presentation layers are the outermost layers of an outfit besides a coat or jacket. These are the clothes people will see you wearing indoors, so pick items you like.Pick items that are fashionable but can easily conceal base layers. The example includes tunics, light sweaters, and cardigans.

Throw in a jacket

Once you have your layers in place, add a jacket. Remember, if you’re layering, this will keep you warm. Therefore, you do not need to take up suitcase space unnecessarily with a big, bulky jacket.For a warmer destination, you may be able to get by with a light zip-up denim or fleece jacket.For a colder destination, go for a bigger, bulkier jacket. However, you do not need to pack something like a parka if you’re dressing in layers.

Add your bottom layers

You also want to keep your feet and legs warm. Pack items with this in mind. Jeans and corduroy pants are great presentation layers, as they can easily be worn over things like leggings, tights, and long underwear.You should also pack multiple pairs of warm socks. It’s important to keep your feet warm when traveling over the winter.

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Have shoes as your one heavy item

You want to keep your suitcase as light as possible. However, one heavy item you should pack is shoes. Pack big, warm shoes or boots that will protect your feet during winter travel.Pack shoes that are weatherproof. Water resistant shoes are important, especially if you anticipate snow or rain.You should also pack darker shoes or boots, as they’re likely to get stained with mud, slush, and other weather-related substances. Try to pack shoes you can take on and off easily if you’re flying, as you’ll want to get through security fast.

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How to Choose a Travel Destination

Choosing a place to go when you have the opportunity to travel can sometimes be overwhelming. However, you can easily narrow your choices down with a thoughtful approach. Considering basic concerns, like what you and everyone else coming along enjoy doing, is an important first step. From there, factoring in how much money and time you have will further help you choose between destinations. Finally, comparing your final choices based on additional concerns, like the time of year and ease of traveling, will help you decide between them.

Determining Goals and Desires:

Consider your interests. Write a list of activities that you enjoy. Brainstorm others that you would like to try for the first time. Narrow down your destination options by knowing exactly what you expect to be there waiting for you.Such activities could include Physical pastimes, like hiking, swimming, or skiing.Cultural activities, such as museums, dining, and theater. Rest and relaxation, such as spa treatments or simply reading a book poolside.

Factor in your current needs

Now that you have created a list of things you enjoy in general, take a step back. Examine your life and situation as it stands today. Ask yourself what you would want most out of a trip if you were to go on one this minute. Then go back through your list and cross out those activities that don’t suit your needs at the moment.
1.For example, if you’ve been working 60 hours per week, fixing your house up during your off-hours, and training for a marathon, you might appreciate more laidback activities that will allow you to unwind.

2.Conversely, if you’re bored stiff by your routine, you may want to climb out of your rut by challenging yourself with more adventurous pursuits.

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Take fellow travelers into account

Research travel destinations. Consult online and print publications to find locations offering the experiences that you are seeking. Use tourism websites, travel blogs, and travel guides to gain an idea of what is out there. Search by location or interests (like “Top 10 Destinations for Rock Climbing”). Ask friends, family, or other associates for recommendations and warnings based on their own travels. However, maintain a healthy skepticism when researching. Be on the lookout for:  Sources that are attempting to sell you something.Out-of-date information
Reviews based on a different set of criteria than yours.

Determine your budget

Figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend on travel tours. At the same time, determine what luxuries you can and can’t do without. With this info, whittle your list of preferred destinations down even further according to cost.

1.Ask yourself if you are willing to stay at a campground or hostel in order to see the sights you want to see, or if you need comfier accommodations.
2.Make the same call regarding food: is dining out an integral part of your dream vacation, or are you willing to live on peanut butter sandwiches to reduce costs?

Decide how much time you have to travel

Now that you have a firm budget, figure out how long it has to last you. Determine how many days (including travel time) you will spend away from home. Use this number to better decide which activities you want to focus on and how much money you are willing to spend on them.A brief trip (like a week or two) may enable you to spend more on luxuries like fine dining and accommodations. Or, it may make a steady diet of PB&J seem more doable so you can spend your money on things like scuba gear rentals, Broadway tickets, or high-end shopping. A longer trip of a few weeks will allow you to visit multiple places, such as all of Holland instead of just Amsterdam. You may have to sacrifice some luxuries in order to stretch your budget, but with so much time at your disposal, you can also utilize more cost-cutting options, such as indirect flights.

Consider travel deals

Look for all-inclusive or partially-inclusive travel deals that charge a flat fee for things like travel fare, accommodations, and food. Sign up for alerts from companies offering discounted travel or lodging. If you plan on traveling regularly, find companies that offer loyalty programs.

Make sure the destination is safe.

Stay up-to-date about the current environment for each destination. Although it is impossible to foresee every eventuality, be on the lookout for any trends that indicate consistent danger. If traveling abroad, refer to government websites about specific areas. Always consider Health risks, such as outbreaks of diseases. Civil unrest, like protests, riots, rebellions, and war. Spikes and trends in crime. Environmental concerns, like seasons of high-risk.

Follow your gut

If your final choices still seem equally appealing after a second comparison, forget the checklist. Take a step back, clear your head, and give yourself some time. Wait to see which destination you find yourself dreaming about more. Listen to your heart and go with that.

Compromise with fellow travelers

If your group is equally torn between two destinations, work toward an agreement. Ask for everyone’s reasons for their preferred choice. Based on these, try to find a solution by considering things like The likelihood of being able to travel as a group again in the future so you can visit both.Whether individuals in the group will have a chance to go to their top pick on their own in the future.Timely considerations, like the season, special events, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.Whether a previous option that has already been nixed for this or that reason should be reconsidered if everyone can agree to it.

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How to Celebrate Christmas While Traveling

Not everyone is home for Christmas and there can be a number of reasons why you’re traveling over Christmas, including for work, travel experiences, emergencies, studies, and the like. This doesn’t mean that Christmas has to be an event that passes by without recognition, and it’s still possible to celebrate Christmas while traveling. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of a Christmas on-the-go.

Find out whether there are Christmas celebrations happening where you are. If you’re still in your own country, this shouldn’t be too difficult to find at local churches, community centers, municipal parks, etc. If you’re SHIPPING TRAVEL to another country and you’re in a country with Christian traditions, there should be a lot of similar opportunities available, subject to local traditions. And when attending church services and Christmas events, even if you don’t speak the local language, it’s still a great chance to soak up the atmosphere and see how other parts of the world celebrate Christmas.


If you’re in a country that is not predominantly Christian, there are still often Christmas celebrations but you’ll need to find out where the Christian communities are holding these. An online search is a good place to start, as is speaking to locals.

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Even if you don’t find any local celebrations, this doesn’t prevent you and your companions from celebrating Christmas in your own way while traveling. You can still make the day festive by doing special Christmas related things including reflecting on the occasion.

Gather your friends/family. It’s a lot more enjoyable if you can celebrate with someone else at Christmas time. This might include your travel companion(s), people you’ve recently met and made firm friendships with, family and friends you know in the country you’re in, etc. Just do your best not to spend the day alone but to share the occasion with at least one other person.If you are alone that day, look at ways to be around people, such as attending church services, having a restaurant meal, etc.

Consider taking a Christmas memento with you. If you know you’ll be traveling at Christmas time, it can be heartwarming to have a small memento from home that represents Christmas, such as a fabric ornament, a card, or a Christmas message from your family. Take it out on Christmas Day and display it or wear it as appropriate, to give yourself a little personal Christmas cheer.

Try to link up with family back home. With Skype, emails, and other technological marvels, it’s very easy to keep in touch with a video for Christmas and to say your hellos and greetings, however short. Making this connection will help make it feel like a true Christmas.


Give yourself a gift. It’s Christmas, so give in to your desire to buy something or do something that you’ve been holding off on. This can help to make the day feel more special and can reward your anticipation for something that you might not otherwise get or do.

Enjoy the opportunity to celebrate Christmas somewhere different. If you’re celebrating Christmas overseas, it’s worth enjoying the fresh take on Christmas. Take photos of the displays and other Christmas elements, and take time to walk around seeing what other people are doing.

Take a note from Scrooge. Find a way to do something good and important for someone else, a friend or relative, or perhaps a person you don’t know so well about your Christmas location. You will not go to bed feeling you haven’t had your Christmas. Guaranteed.

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Best Places to Visit in Winter in India : Short trips and holidays

A shift in the seasons, a tilt of an axis and a drop in the temperature. Come winters, and India finds itself preparing for one of the best seasons to travel across the peninsula. With a string of holidays and a list of festivals and fairs, winters in India are marked by vacations to plan your year around, a dreamy beach holiday, hill stations resembling postcard sceneries and its southern tips and desserts welcoming all its visitors that had been shying away till now given their generous humidity and temperatures. Here is a list of 12 places to visit in winter in India.

1. Jaipur Circuit: Jaipur – Jodhpur – Jaisalmer

With the most staple and obvious number of places to visit in winter in India, this circuit finds itself gathering quite some hustle bustle from all the tourist rush its temperature and deserts were keeping away till now. Dotted by countless Havelis, Palaces and Forts, winters are an ideal time to enjoy strolls through its specimens of history. While history and architecture keep you busy through the day, Desert Safaris and lakes make their way to your itineraries by evening. These pink, blue and golden cities of India, are one of the top destinations for winters, not only for all their landmarks but also their rich cultural and shopping experiences. Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner,Udaipur, Jaipur – the count of best places in Rajasthan in winter is too long, but these places are at their best in winters and cannot be missed.

2. Manali Circuit: Manali – Kullu – Kasol – Rohtang – Solang

If there is one hill station in North India you must visit in winters, it is Manali. A family holiday, an adventure trail, a honeymoon, or a winter vacation amongst its white, snow-covered expanses- there are one too many routes that will lead your travel plans here, this winter. If you find yourself here on Dusshera, don’t miss the celebration in Kullu’s temples.

3. Goa Circuit: North Goa – Panjim – South Goa

While there is no month, not ideal to let Goa spoil you a little, this beach winter destination in India have a tendency to cast a spell. A perfect beach holiday, afternoons by the sea and a tan to show off, this one comes with its Decembers marked with the SUNBURN FESTIVAL, making it one of the best places to visit in winter in India!

4. North East Circuit: Shillong – Mokokchung – Imphal – Kaziranga National Park

Countless waterfalls, sprawling views, one of best national parks, pristine lakes, caves, peaks, and acquaintance with Naga tribes. If this sounds like your idea of a winter vacation, the choice is pretty clear. Visit capitals and cultural hubs of the northeast these winters and the habitat to two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceros. While the weather is rarely a bother in the North East, the winters tend to be one the most pleasant and enjoyable times to be here.

5.ChennaiCircuit: Chennai – Pondicherry – Mahabalipuram – Thanjavur- Madumalai – Yercaud

While you’d probably pass Chennai for most parts of the summers and the monsoons that follow, winters leave this metropolitan a favorite if you want to travel south. One of the places to visit in winter in India, Chennai is the fourth largest city in India and finds its itineraries dotted with temples, churches, and beaches. Landmarks inMahabalipuram include rock sculptures and caves and a crocodile farm while Thanjavur keeps you busy with its temples and handicrafts and Madumalai with a national park that boasts of exotic species of flora and fauna.

6. Uttarakhand Circuit: Nainital – Mussoorie – Auli – Corbett National Park

 If you want to keep this winter for the likes of a Jungle Safari, elephant rides and tiger spotting tigers at the oldest national park of the country lakes, boating,  river rafting and sceneries, Uttarakhand is almost obvious. While summer won’t be a bother either, the weather only gets more enjoyable towards winters and one can also enjoy snowfall in places like Nainital, Auli and Mussoorie.

7. Rajasthan Wildlife Circuit: Alwar – Ranthambore – Bharatpur

Dotted by one of the best tiger reserves and bird sanctuaries of the country, put this trail on your list for some of the richest and most enjoyable wildlife experience. With birds migrating all the way from Siberia for the colder months, Bharatpur is one of the places to visit in winter in India for an amazing bird watching experience. Your jungle safaris and tiger spotting expeditions through Ranthambore and Sariska Tiger Reserve will only be more convenient for winters. While reserves and national parks tend to be the generic highlight here, don’t miss the forts and temples at Alwar.

8. Delhi Circuit: Delhi – Mathura – Agra

 As summers that kept the mercury from falling below 40 in Delhi leave the capital, its calenders are turned to its favorite months. There is no better time than winters to visit the capital of India, indulge in its heritage walks, street food and shopping experiences. About Agra, while this one gets the limelight pretty much all year round, the temperatures aren’t as friendly in summers. Hence if you have the choice, add Delhi to your list of places to visit in winter in India, for a much cooler and pleasant weather.

9. Gujarat Circuit: Ahmedabad – Kutch – Gir

 You might not find too many reasons to be here in summers, but its winters have one too many things on its itineraries to tempt you. Winters in Kutch are planned around it’s much celebrated and grand Rann Utsav, which is one of the unique experiences of the state. Gir, the only remaining home to the Asiatic lion, is also avoided in summers and welcoming and pleasant during winters, while Ahmedabad, under the cover of an industrial and commercial hub, tend to surprise one with its heritage and architectural marvels with the Sabarmati ashram, forts, temples, mosques lake, and a swaying minaret. These best places to visit in winter in Gujarat are surely going to make your winters different and memorable.

10. Dharamsala Circuit: Dharamsala – Mcleodganj

Marked by a strong Tibetan influence, Buddhism and spirituality, these sister hill stations are though pleasant throughout the year, they tend to be all the more charming in winters. While monasteries are the obvious highlights here, the area is also loved for it falls, hills, lakes and trekking trails.

11. Kerala Circuit: Munnar – Kovalam – Trivandrum – Alleppey -Thekkady

Its hot and humid summers, leave Kerala, quite a favorite for the winters. Famous for its backwaters, beaches, sparkling lush greenery, temples, Ayurveda spas, a hill station and the largest tiger reserve in the country all wrapped in one of the richest and most colorful instances of culture and arts, this one is definitely one of the most sought-after and popular winter destinations in India.

12. Jammu Circuit: Amritsar – Jammu – Vaishno Devi

If this winters you want to be on a religious and spiritual trail and make the most of the cooler temperature and pleasant winds, take a trail through the Golden temple, to the city of temple and all the way to some sacred caves high up at Vaishno Devi. While here, don’t miss the Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrations at the Golden Temple, which falls in the month of November.

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